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Inspire and Empower

I’m here to help you pave the path toward a life that is everything you want it to be.

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Sow the Seeds of Your Ideal Life

The first step to creating the life you want is to take courage and seek the help you need to push past your limits. That’s where Dreamcatcher Life Solutions comes in.

I’m Laura Barber, and I'm a licensed therapist and life coach. My mission is to help you overcome barriers and struggles to design a life in harmony with your intentions, desires, and purpose.

Contact me for more information on my services and to schedule a free initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Get to Know Me

My Professional Journey

I am a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, and life coach, and I've worked with a diverse range of people in different life situations. Since starting my practice, I have begun providing therapy and life coaching to give additional support to people going through the transformative process of growth and healing.

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved with community organizations that raise public awareness of mental health. My background includes public speaking, legislative involvement, private practice, and crisis therapy. I’ve worked with the Hospice Association and Alzheimer’s Association, and I’ve also been a guest speaker for the University of Montana Law School and other legislative groups.

I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work degree, minoring in gerontology, from the University of Montana. After graduating, I worked for about 2 years in the area of social work before pursuing a Clinical Master's of Social Work degree from Walla Walla University, focusing on addiction and aging. I was on the Montana Gerontology Society board of directors, and collaborated with the Montana Geriatric Education Center to promote annual conferences and continuing education on healthy aging.

I then completed 3000 hours of clinical studies at a public mental health facility before taking my licensure exam. Upon becoming licensed, I started my private practice and underwent 3 months of classes and training in life coaching. I am now also certified in treating eating disorders as well as trauma.  

My Approach

It took me more than 12 years to get to where I am today, and I continue to be passionate about helping people overcome the things that negatively affect their lives and hold them back. I believe that people have the ability and wisdom to heal and create a life of abundance and empowerment, and I’ve supported many people in their journey.

As a therapist and life coach, I not only offer empirical and clinical methods of support, but also coaching methods that allow for breakthroughs that can occur quickly. I recognize the individuality of each client, and I am open to multiple approaches that create a safe and supportive space where people can rediscover their strengths and reclaim their power.

No matter the services you require, I’m all about supporting you as you create and pursue a life that aligns with your highest purpose.  My goal is to help you move from coping with what life throws at you, to creating a life you want! 

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